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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Via Credit Union @ Creek Run: Game 3

My Son "Damian" Plays for Via Credit Union Little League Team, They Played their first Game last night. It was Actually Their 3rd Game of the Season cause the First 2 Games we got rained out and the opposing Team Canceled the Game.

Via Lost to Creek by 10 Points, the ending Points were 5-15. I'm happy with the team for Participating and trying their best since it was their first game, but I'm a little disappointed that the team didn't work together as a team nor pay much attention.

During this, Creek Run Team made Several Base Steals and Via was basically sitting around Dumbfounded. Apparently the coach didn't teach the team about Stealing or what to do during the process of a steal. So I think that this Friday at Practice I will be bringing up that we need to focus more on Defensive Play.

This seems to be their Downfall right now in the game. With a Little more Practice and some better defense I think this will make all the difference in their game play. I'm glad that we've got some Practice runs before game 4.

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