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Wednesday, April 28, 2010


The topic today is Beer.

Why Beer you ask? Well I'm not 100% sure why. Maybe because I wish to speak about it, Maybe I wish to know who drinks it, who likes it and or why they like it.

Last night I had my First Samuel Adams. I've drank and tried different beers in my time. Not ALOT, but I've tried many, from Budwiser to Miller.

I think this was before I considered getting into the Hobby of brewing my own craft beer which is what Samuel Adams is along with Dundee's Honey Brown is.

Dundee's isn't a Bad Craft Beer, if I had to Choose between Dundee's and Samuel, I'd go with Dundee's in a Heartbeat.

Samuel Adams I've been wanting to taste for sometime, and I couldn't see myself paying close to $7.00 for a 6 Pack for a Craft Beer or a Beer in general. So I decided to go ahead and indulge in my Curiosity in wondering what this beer tasted like cause I've heard some good things bout it.

Well, I'm going to tell you now, that the $7.00 I spent for the 6 Pack, was not worth the wait of taste, nor the $7.00 I spent for the 6 Pack. I thought that this being a Craft would have a more Fresher taste and Robust flavor. Well I was wrong, The only way I can explain the taste of this Beer is it reminds me of Squirting Peppermint Extract in your mouth and swallowing it.

The Potent Flavor, the overwhelming Power of the Coolness, the Bitterness and the really bad aftertaste. Needless to say, I wasn't very pleased of the outcome of this Craft Beer. I like my Beer and I like the Flavor of Beer, and the only few commercial beers I've came across that I've enjoyed were Miller, Ice House, Rolling Rock and the Non Craft Beer Honey Brown.

Out of the 2 Craft beers that I've tasted so far, Samuel Adams and Dundee's Honey Brown, I'll have to say Dundee's is far better then Samuel Adams any day.

So Tell me, Anyone that's Following me here, Send me Comments on:

Favorite Beer?
Craft or Commercial?
What do you Look for in a Beer?
Do you drink Beer for the Flavor or for the Alcohol?
Drink to Mellow out or to get Drunk?

Just interested in knowing why so many People drink Beer. Me.. I drink just a few just to relax nothing more. I don't drink to get drunk. And I drink beer cause I like the Flavor of it, the bitterness.


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