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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The City.....

Ok.  Lets see here....

I kinda like my city...  Except for all the Drugs floating around.  Weed and Pills is basically a Dime a Dozen in this City.  It's not a very big City but it's a Small City.

One of my members of my Perennial Group on Facebook was talking at the last meeting.  The city sent her a Letter stating that she had within 10 days to Demolish her Childhood home.  They found it unfit to live in and a health hazzard..  It also stated that if it was not, then she could be fined up to if not more then $5,000 dollars.

I also mentioned that, this REALLY Sucks bad.  Loosing a childhood home and or being fined $5,000 Dollars....  And you know what.  I think I fucking Jinx'd my ass when I mentioned that I was buying the house beside me.

Come to find out the Realtor that I'm buying my second house from, Mainly for the yard so I can have a bigger area for my dogs etc., JUST Sent me an email lastnight stating the Same DAMN Thing.

I had 10 days to comply or I would be fined $5,000 Dollars myself for the house being up.  Well I got news for them, I don't have $,5000 dollars to pay and I don't have the cash to have it demolished.

So I've got to make some calls and see what I can do.  They have a place in town called "Build a Better Blackford" Which will take houses down to make the city look and feel like a better place.  They get rid of these Houses that's a Hinderance for Sore eyes..

This house does NEED To come down, it's in bad Shape.  I was Planning on having it done with some friends giving me a Hand so i could save the wood and things in it to help repair my own home and to repair the garage.

It looks Like I won't be able to do that.  But I am going to make some calls and see what I can get done with this.  What a Buzz Kill for todays Adjenda....

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