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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Cubscouts Popcorn Fundraiser

Hello everyone.

I just wanted to toss out a Website for my Son for his popcorn Sales. He's a Webelo this year in the scouts, and of course, yet again, every year the Scouts sale Popcorn cause this is their ONLY Fundraiser they do every year, and this year they decided to try some Online popcorn Sales.

Well being a Blogger and an E-Mail Nut, I've decided to give it a go around and post my Sons Site so I can try and get him some Hits and sales to help him with his Scouts.

So if you click on the title of this Post, it will take you to his Scouts Popcorn page, you can check out all of the popcorn that they provide and have it all shipped right to you no matter where you live.

I hope that everyone will check out the site and try to order some popcorn if possible, and even go as far as forward this post to other friends and family as well to help promote my Sons popcorn sales.

This means alot to him and he's looking forward to getting some great rewards, so All of your help is appreciated in advanced.


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Frank Post said...

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